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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Israel's leaders speak

With no apology to AJC.


  1. Indeed. I remember, about a month or so ago, the German newsweekly SPIEGEL interviewed people in Sderot - this was at a time they were hit by several rockets a day. Apparently, a lot of immigrants from Russia live there. Anyway, they said things like "we should apply the Chechen solution to Gaza." Now I understand feelings of lashing out against those who would hurt you.
    What I don't understand is why, when some Palestinian expresses hate against Israel, it is taken as immutable nature of the Palestinians ("they are a violent people" "their goal is and has always been to kill all the Jews" etc.) - wouldn't one think that a person living in Gaza is actually under stress from constant Israeli attack at least as much as the person in Sderot is under stress from the Palestinian rocket attacks? I'd really like to come up with an explanation for this phenomenon of different reception that doesn't involve racism, but can't.

  2. I really appreciate your efforts to get some discussion started here, christian, but careful with that sharp old Occam's razor!