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Friday, 22 June 2007

The University's role

In case anybody was wondering why target Israeli universities, purportedly a hotbed of opposition to the occupation and Zionism, the March 2007 issue of The University of Haifa Newsletter sports an article on the front page entitled, ‘Israel’s military elite are University of Haifa graduates’. Which speaks for itself.

The four highest-ranking officials of Israel’s security service agencies are all graduatesof the University of Haifa…Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi…Police Commissioner designate, Yaakov Ganot…Meir Dagan, Director of the Mossad…Yuval Dishkin. Director of the General Security Service (Shabak) [Shin Beit]…

These 4 examples clearly demonstrate the University's role in enabling Israel's security services to acquire academic tools and its commitment to contribute to the community and Israel's security.

In order to offer specialized training to each branch of Israel’s security services, the University offers…The National Security Studies Program…The University Naval Academy…The Havatzalot Program…for soldiers in the army’s elite intelligence corps…The Academy for Junior Officers and The Police Force BA Program.

And then of course there’s the Israeli boycott of Palestinian education.

Thanks to Ilan Pappé via Tony Greenstein for the link.

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