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Saturday 31 March 2007

Pots, kettles

‘Olmert a “terrorist”’

A Palestinian source called Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Kadima a "terrorist" and accused him of transferring more than $1 billion to militants to carry out attacks against Lebanon, in an interview with The Bureau of Counterpropaganda released Friday.

Olmert said the statements were "confused and irresponsible".

Palestine has been urging other countries to shun Olmert and the Israeli government, citing Israel’s refusal to recognize Palestine or renounce violence.

"He's a terrorist," added the source. "You have a terrorist who is prime minister of the State of Israel now."

The Bureau learned that the funds came from outside Israel and were transferred to the Israeli armed forces for the "explicit purpose of carrying out terrorist actions." Outside sources also transferred large quantities of sophisticated armaments for terrorist purposes. These included obsolete cluster munitions known to have high failure rate, deliberately strewn throughout southern Lebanon in the last hours of last summer’s war with the specific intention of killing and maiming unsuspecting civilians and UN mine disposal personnel.

He offered no other details about the transfer.

A Palestinian security source said Palestine believes that Olmert was directly involved in the decision to make the transfer, which took place last summer.

"The terrorist is the one who kills children, raids villages and [refugee] camps, builds settlements and confiscates the land. It is not Ismail Haniyeh."

[With apologies to Ha’aretz.]

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