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Saturday 17 February 2007

Independent journalists need not apply…

…for freedom of the press. Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman writes,

Josh Wolf, videographer and blogger, is now the journalist imprisoned longest in U.S. history for refusing to comply with a subpoena. He has been locked up in federal prison for close to six months…

In a recent court filing, U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan says it's only in Wolf's "imagination that he is a journalist."…

The problem for Wolf? Independence. He lacks the backing of a large media organization that could agitate to protect his rights. Wolf says there is "a divergence between how the government's handled my situation as an independent journalist and how they've dealt with the corporate media, which have also been found in civil contempt."

Read the full article for her account of the amazing legal gyrations performed to deprive Josh of the protection of California’s shield law.

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