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Thursday, 8 March 2007

Happy birthday, Hazza!

Amy Goodman, Ms ‘Democracy Now!, now has a weekly column on Truthdig. The other day, she commemorated Harry Belafonte’s 80th birthday. In response to her question about ‘both the Clintons and Obama going to Selma’,

“We are hearing platitudes, not platforms. What do they plan to do for people of color, Mexicans, for people who are imprisoned, black youth? What are their plans for the Katrinas of America?”

And the entertainer provided his take on the trajectory of US politics.

In 1965, Belafonte was on the original Selma march with Dr. King...The stakes were incredibly high. People were shot and killed; people were beaten…Despite all that, Belafonte says that the stakes are higher today.

A gloomy outlook, especially with the left in fragments and so few prepared to take risks needed to confront the perpetual war, anti ‘terrorism’, civil rights shredding juggernaut.

Anyhow, happy birthday, Hazza!

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