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Thursday 15 November 2007

Choose better relatives

Dr Mohammed Haneef was arrested on bogus terrorism charges in July. When the government couldn’t prove its case, Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews withdrew his visa. He was released into immigration detention and later returned to India. Now,

Lawyers for Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews are appealing against Justice Jeffery Spender's decision to quash the cancellation of Dr Haneef's visa.

Justice Spender ruled Mr Andrews was wrong to use Dr Haneef's association with his second cousins and UK terrorism suspects Sabeel and Kafeel Ahmed.

The court heard the easiest way to view the changes was whether the Minister believed a person was mates with people who are not of good character.

You just can’t be too careful who your relatives are.


  1. Actually, Haneef wasn't "released" into immigration detention. After the court granted him bail, Andrews cancelled the visa, so Haneef never posted the bail. He stayed in jail instead, because he had better contact with his lawyer that way (and may have had better conditions, but I'm not sure on that point).

  2. Thanks for the correction, Abim. One of the articles I read said that he had been released into some form of 'house arrest' at an undisclosed location.