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Friday, 18 May 2007

Not Jewish anymore

In an ironic twist, the Jewish state, one of whose principal objectives from the origins of the Zionist movement has been to increase the Jewish population of Palestine, appears to be taking some small steps in the opposite direction. According to yesterday’s YNet,

A rabbinical judge ruled recently that a woman who converted to Judaism 15 years ago was no longer Jewish, and that her children, who were born after she had already converted, were also not Jewish.

Moreover, the judge stated that the woman's marriage was invalid, and that there was therefore no need to grant her a divorce.

The judge ordered that the woman, her children and even her husband, a Jew by birth, be added to the list of those not allowed to marry by an Orthodox rabbi.

It’s not just that the ruling is utterly unfair to those directly affected.

…The judge in fact ruled that all conversions signed by the special conversion court were invalid, because the court was headed by "heretics" and "criminals". This ruling implies that the thousands of conversions conducted by such courts were unacceptable.

I don’t suppose that this will impact all that much on the coveted Jewish majority that has provided the motivation and justification for the Nakba of 1948. One can only hope that this not a sign that the Zionists are so cocky that they will get away with the current round of ethnic cleansing that they can afford to dispense with a few thousand converts.

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