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Wednesday, 8 November 2006

A few points of clarification

Someone wrote to take issue with my assertion that Saddam ‘probably’ deserves to die.

To clarify, first of all, if what I’ve heard about Saddam's activities over the last forty years or more are true, death is really much too lenient a punishment.

Second, he has been so demonized by the global media that it is inconceivable that he could receive a fair trial – even by the pathetic standards of fairness we observe in, say, the US or Australia - anywhere on the planet, least of all anywhere in Iraq, less still under military occupation. I, myself, have just betrayed an entirely unacceptable predisposition to punish the bastard.

Finally, I do not accept the right, much less the competence, of any court to sentence anyone to death, or any of the more gruesome punishments one might imagine Saddam merits.

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