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Saturday, 21 October 2006

Peace now, but first…

Private property rights!

Ha’aretz reports that, ‘according to a survey by the Peace Now settlement monitoring team’, 74% ‘of the 102 outposts in the West Bank…are at least partly built on private Palestinian land’.

‘Dror Etkes, the head of the monitoring team…called construction on these lands "highway robbery."’

And here’s me thinking the issue is that all of every ‘outpost’, ‘settlement’, ‘Jewish neighbourhood’, kibbutz, moshav, city, and, yes, highway, throughout historic Palestine, including ‘Israel proper’, was built on stolen Palestinian land.

‘"The removal of the outposts, and punishment of the people responsible for their construction, will bring Israel somewhat closer to the level of a country in which the rule of law prevails," Etkes said.’

And justice can wait.

Speaking of justice, I’m just reading Jonathan Cook’s Blood and religion: the unmasking of the Jewish and democratic state. Pretty compelling stuff. Those ‘Israeli Arabs are incredibly patient and forgiving people. Just reading about what they put up with makes me see red. But ultimately, just more evidence that Zionism is racist and Zionists are not embarrassed about being racists – it’s in a good cause, after all.

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