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Monday, 1 March 2010

Heil mein Führer

When I got home yesterday, I found this promotional message from Ha'aretz in my inbox. 

Headed 'Property Management – An Occupation In and Of Itself', at first I thought it must be a spoof, an impression further buttressed by the principal's unfortunate surname.  But it turns out that there really is a Dov Fuehrer at Firer Property Management, providing professional services to absentee landlords who 'own' stolen land.  On reflection, I surmise that 'An Occupation In and Of Itself' was just a curiously revealing variation on 'A profession in and of itself'. 
Meanwhile, Ha'aretz also alerted me to the opportunity to 'come home for Pesach' and enjoy a week of five star festivities at the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel for just US$2240 per person, exclusive, I gather, of airfares.  Newsflash: I am home.


  1. "[...] that there really is a Dov Fuehrer at Firer Property Management [...]"

    Any particular reason for replacing 'Fuehrer' with 'Firer'? It says clearly 'Fuehrer Property Management' at the top...

    US$2240 for week excl. flights? More for the affluent Zionist, I feel...

  2. The Hebrew says 'Firer' as spelled in Yiddish. I surmise that this is because Yiddish lacks German's high front rounded vowel and translates Führer with the corresponding unrounded vowel as 'firer'. The real question is why he translated his name into German when writing it out in Roman characters.