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Thursday, 8 March 2007

Room at the table

President George W Bush addressing United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Monday 5 March:

The millions across our hemisphere who every day suffer the degradations of poverty and hunger have a right to be impatient. And I'm going to make them this pledge: The goal of this great country, the goal of a country full of generous people, is an Americas where the dignity of every person is respected, where all find room at the table, and where opportunity reaches into every village and every home. By extending the blessings of liberty to the least among us, we will fulfill the destiny of this new world and set a shining example for others.

As recently as a generation ago, this region was plagued by military dictatorship and consumed by civil strife. Today 34 members of the OAS have democratic constitutions. And only one member country lives under a leader not of its people's choosing.

And we know which one that is!


  1. Yes, we know which one that is. And we also know which one was actually installing, backing and collaborating with the military dictatorships of which Dubya is now ostensibly celebrating the demise.

    History as organised forgetting, language as Newspeak. Orwell was right. It's still 1984 and it has been for years.

  2. Welcome to the Bureau, ABIM!

    Now why did you have to go and bring up ancient history like that. Next thing you'll start talking about the School of the Americas, still open for business, still training the best torturers in the hemisphere.

    I remember an article, well just the title of an article, in the NY Times Magazine, it must have been 1966, because the title was, 'We're half way to 1984'. I guess we're a little closer than that now, but not all the way there quite yet. Bush is doing his best to get us there, though.