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Sunday, 1 April 2007

MIA update

Further update 2007 04 01:

Einde writes,

We've put the server back on-line - it seems to be coping with the stress of the continuing DOS attacks but is still sometimes a bit sluggish.

BTW if anybody gets bumped by our new security arrangements they should get in touch with us - our email addresses should be functioning again by the end of the week.

Furthermore, he recommends waiting until the email is fully functional before trying to make a donation. If you want to order the DVD, he recommends waiting a few weeks. While they have been offline, a lot of work has been done editing and marking up texts that will be loaded onto the system over that period.

Last month, I mentioned the problems the Marxist Internet Archive had been experiencing with their hardware,

first, we are attacked by China; second, our server hardware fails; third, our hosting provider is shutting down in two weeks

The expectation was that the new server would be up and running on 1 March. But that hasn’t transpired. Einde O’Callaghan has just provided this update.

We've now got our new server and we're preparing it to go on-line. There are a number of adjustments before we switch it on for public access so that we can successfully resist the DOS attacks that are still continuing.

At the moment all requests for are automatically redirected to our mirrors. We can only update these when we finally go back on-line. Our email addresses still don't function.

I hope we'll be back on-line in a couple of days.

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