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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Criminal justice

Sergeant A., a sniper with the Shimshon Battalion, has evaded a potential 20 year sentence for murdering a Gaza civilian in 2003.

The indictment claimed that in the investigation of the incident, the solider admitted to shooting against orders and supposedly said, "One more Arab is dead."

The reason he was acquitted?

"Investigators did not make any effort to document an accurate reenactment of the shooting and map out the location of those present at the site."

The judges pointed out that the incident was reenacted one year after it took place, "When the ground routes had already changed and only according to the defendant's testimony."

In addition, "The hits to the fence and the safety barrier were not recorded and worse than that, questions on the exact location of the crowd and the distance between the crowd and the man seen falling, haven’t been asked."

In other words, the prosecution deliberately sabotaged their own case, and why shouldn’t they, after all, what’s one Arab more or less? [Thanks to Nader for drawing this article to my attention.]

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